SM2.0.5: Double Stream connectors lacking

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SM2.0.5: Double Stream connectors lacking

Postby infuzion on Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:18 am

1) Double-Stream connecter (the black/gray (D)) i snot listed in the Toolbox filter.
2) There is no Double-(Float-)Stream connector for the blank-connector type. Thus, if you were to make a module that was previously between two Double-Stream primitives, the connector type becomes Single-Float-Stream (~) connector. Cannot be switched manually since the Double-Stream connector is missing from the filter which is also the blank-right-click-popup changer.

This is not really a high priority right now, since the only reason we have Double-Stream now is to have the sampler work properly, so I don't see a need for sub-module right now. But perhaps there will be a need for this bug to be fixed in the future.

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