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Re-Scan Audio In/Out

Postby lesobrod on Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:11 pm

A year ago i refreshed my old audio for Windows, by added "HD Bluetooth Audio" and
buy not bad BT headphones. Many people criticize BT Audio, but I like sound
from Nokia 5800 and even from old notebook.
Well it's not 48000 Hz 32bit + AKG, but for my noise experiments and "Morbid Angel" well enough 3:) .

So! I switch on headphones, Windows find it and all OK. If SM starts AFTER this,
"HD Bluetooth Audio" is on DS or ASIO as possible channel.
But if i start SM BEFORE "On" phones, than no BT channel appears on SM.
It seems the same with Midi-keys, thats must be plug in strictly before SM start.
So I suggest include "Re-Scan Audio/Midi" in SM "Options menu".
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